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2D Floor plan_archvizstudio3d.png

We turn hand drawing or basic sketch to technical 2D

A 2D Floor plan drawing shows an overview at one level of a property, including details of fixtures and measurements (if needed).

It's always presented with a top view/bird eye view, without perspective or depth. 2D Floor plans will help improve the Client’s expectations.

The 2D floor plan designed by Archvizstudio3d help Clients to understand the layout of whole space. Clients can be architects, photographers, real estate agents, builders and homeowners, property developers, construction firms, and others…, which can be used to promote any type of property in a variety of ways (residential or commercial spaces)...


A 2D floor plan can represent the arrangement of the property or space using sketches, photographs... It shows the walls, room layout, fixtures such as windows, doors, and stairs, as well as furniture. 

2D Floor plan showcase

Floor plan input reference


There are 3 types of Floor plans: Black&White, Fill color, and Texture, or follows clients requirements/samples.

Unfurnished or furnished

1.1 2D Black&White floor plans:

2D black and white floor plan is a basic type of floor plan which gives a bird eye view of a house. This type of floor plan uses symbols, text, and labels to highlight important details such as layout, furniture, fixtures, compass, address, and so on. As a result, it's also considered as one of the most straightforward yet effective 2d floor plans on the market.

IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_3.JPG


ADLE7171-IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_5.JPG

1.2 2D Full Color Floor Plans

The most essential marketing resource for commercial and residential properties is the floor plan. Create colored floor plans using 3 different room colors. Customize your 2D floor plans to reflect the type of project you're working on or your company's brand. Colored rooms will help potential clients visualize the home's layout.

2D Floor plan_archvizstudio3d 1.png


2D Floor plan_archvizstudio3d.jpg


1.3 2D Texture

Create 2D textured floor plan to highlight not only the home’s layout, but also features such as textured flooring, carpets, tiles, furniture... A 2D texture will show these features and provide additional information to clients. These features can make them imagine how they would arrange their properties when they finally purchase the property..

IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_6.jpg

Ground Floor

IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_7.jpg

First Floor


Follow clients' requirements. For example: "Sizes and dimensions are approximate. Actual may vary"

Some Clients want to see clear 2D dimensions, sizes..This allows them to determine whether or not the property is suitable for them.

IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_1.JPG
IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_2.JPG


2D Landscape (Horizontal) or Portrait (Vertical)

You can choose one of them, or we will make 2D Landscape floor plans as default.

IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_9.jpg
RQLVE7411_IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_8.JPG
LGGM0016_IMG_2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_10.JPEG

Portrait (Vertical)

2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_13.JPG
2D Floor plan page_archvizstudio3d_12.JPG

Landscape (Horizontal)


Always top view/bird eye view


- JPG, PNG, PDF format

- We can add your logo, compass, notes, dimensions...


  • The sketches are photographed or scanned.

  • Using symbols for the fixed installations such as doors, windows, toilets, sinks, showers etc.

  • Clearly scale in cm/scale field

  • Drawing walls on scale with the grid, noting measurements...

To summarize, creating 2D Floor plans saves time for both buyers and sellers. A buyer does not need to visit the property in person to determine whether or not the layout is to their taste, it makes the property memorable.

For more images of 2D floor plans, see our Instagram

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