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Welcome to Archvizstudio, we are an Architecture team based in Viet Nam.

Our editors expertise in creating stunning Real estate and Architectural imagery. 

Please read our standards and policies below for making orders:

1. Orders:

To make orders, please upload your files on any shared drive (Wetransfer/Filemail/Dropbox/Onedrive/Google drive...), then copy the links with your descriptions (if any) and send to our mail

2. Turnaround time: (The deadlines are based on the time of arriving input mails).

_Our services ensure a turnaround 24 hrs.

_If you want a fast delivery within 12hrs, it will be charged 50% per folder.

_If you need a super fast delivery (that the editing progress is made right when you send your input), and completed product ensures within only 4hrs, it will be charged 100% per folder.

3. Offers:

_Testing: for new clients, we will do a test from 3 to 5 images, so you can choose one of our styles, or we will follow yours.

_Special offers for new clients:

Free 1 first photo folder (~15 images)

4. Price list:

Please click here for rates of detailed services:

5. Invoices:

Invoices will be sent by email on 15th and 30th each month, enclosed a link of Paypal PayPal.Me/LAGOMstudioboxvn.

Due 5 days.

6. Changes & Fixes:

When clients need to improve the completed product, we clarify it to 2 types:​

_Fixes refer to a miss that clearly based on description & input. This is no cost to client.

_Changes refer improvements for other reasons from clients. This is cost based on the price list.​

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